At INHOC Fitness, it our mission to enhance the quality of life through physical fitness. We are committed to providing structured exercise programs, and instruction. We strive to instill in those we serve an understanding of the values of physical fitness in their lives. It is our mission to push you further than you ever thought possible! We are passionate about service and excellence. We strive to enhance and improve the overall health and fitness of others through motivation, education and guidance. We dedicate ourselves to long term relationships as we commit to improve the quality of your life!


We will become the leader in structured fitness, boot camp and specialized fitness, providing exceptional and innovative programs and services that result in measurable and transformational changes in the lives of those we serve.
INHOC Fitness is the only boot camp that will provide the Army’s best practices to provide maximum fitness results. My boot camp provides clients: physical, mental and emotional strength to assist them in their personal fitness journey. It gives clients the basic techniques to perform high intense fitness that can be performed anywhere and anytime. Each of the exercises taught can be performed with objects found right around the house.  
Sharing my love for fitness! 
The Citadel
Charleston, SC
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  • Former Drill Instructor
  • Military Enthusiasts
  • Veteran Dependent
  • CPT and Group Fitness Certified
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